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Educational Tours In Kenya.

Learn, Explore, Experience, Live it.

Educational Tours In Kenya offered by Lindberg Holidays offers a variety of benefits that improve education quality, with subject-centered tours, instilling lifetime learning habits, helping students understand the importance of learning in context, developing their social education tools, and giving them a true perspective of the path they might want to take.

Educational tours offer students the real, in-your-shoes perspective of what they might want to study or become. It’s a kind of personal growth that is impossible to experience in the classroom or online, something that you can’t read about or watch on a screen.

What exactly are educational tours?

Educational Tours from Lindberg Holidays are exceptional travel experiences tailored for the specific educational needs of any student group. They can help students understand the purpose of their learning, and see their education in the true context in which it is used.

What makes educational tours different from field trips? Field trips might be a lackadaisical bus ride to the museum, or maybe an overnight trip to a national park. But our tours are finely crafted to give students and their teachers and parents or chaperones a truly revelatory learning experience, with a tour guide assisting and guiding you every step of the way.

How educational tours improve education quality

As a school or teacher, your top priority should be helping students get the most out of their school-related activities. So how exactly do educational tours help to improve the quality of their education?

  • Subject-centered tours

The benefit of working with Lindberg Holidays year after year is that you never have to look elsewhere for a different kind of trip. Lindberg Holidays works overtime to provide any kind of trip you and your students might be looking for, making your desired subject the central theme of every educational tour.

At Lindberg Holidays, we offer the following tours by subject:

  • Drama & Theatre : London, United Kingdom
  • Language Immersion: Germany, France, Spain, Italy
  • Music : Austria
  • Physics: Alabama, United States (Space Camp)
  • Christian Religious Education: Egypt & Israel, Turkey, Italy
  • History: New York, Washington D.C., Boston, Philadelphia
  • Art: New York, Chicago, Washington D.C.
  • Business: New York, Chicago, Atlanta
  • Fashion: New York
  • Soccer Tournaments: Spain, Dubai
  • Culture/Inspiration/Exposure: Malaysia, Singapore and United Arab Emirates

Every item on the itinerary works towards enriching the learning experience related to your group’s chosen subject. We understand how important it is to keep students engaged and interested, which is why we will work with you to make sure that the entire trip is as enlightening and relevant as you and your students want.


  • 24/7 Learning experience

Educational tours from Lindberg Holidays come with professionally trained tour escorts that will lead, guide, and motivate your students and chaperones 24 hours a day. Trips like these can’t survive on their educational benefits alone – students need to see and follow the enthusiasm and energy of a seasoned pro tour guide.

  • Learning context

Perhaps now more than ever, it is crucial for students to understand the meaning of context. That certain social truths aren’t always as objective as they might seem on paper, and that understanding how learning can be differently interpreted from the true context of a situation is incredibly important for a quality understanding.

Whether it’s understanding the true importance of a historical event by visiting sites and seeing the historical settings, or putting your students in the actual city or culture where fashion, business, drama, and art thrive to give them the full taste of what they are learning, learning in context for students who are growing up in the disconnected digital age has never been more relevant.

  • Social education 

Educational tours help students learn outside of the traditional classroom setting, which for some smarter students, becomes a handicap over the years. By taking your students on a field trip where they are forced to move, interact, search, ask, and see for themselves, we help your students develop or improve the social tools they need to truly apply their education in an active way.

Produce students who are not only intelligent but socially capable of applying their intelligence towards helping themselves and those around them. In a world growing increasingly digital and alone, students have to be shown that there is more to learn beyond the screen and the classroom by interacting with each other and the world around them.

  • Real perspective 

Educational tours offer students the real, in-your-shoes perspective of what they might want to study or become. It’s a kind of personal growth that is impossible to experience in the classroom or online, something that you can’t read about or watch on a screen.

A student might believe all their life that they want to pursue theater or music or art, but it isn’t until they are standing in the place where their passion is actually performed that they can realize whether this dream is right for them. Whether it’s asking for tips from people in the careers they might want to pursue, or just seeing the setting for themselves, the experience can be eye-opening for students young and old. It’s a revelatory feeling that can make or break a student’s dreams, filling them with motivation or making them question their choices, but ultimately they will be thankful for the experience.

Start planning your educational tour with Lindberg holidays today

Lindberg Holidays has been offering tours for over the last 20+ years, and we pride ourselves on providing countless students with learning experiences they can carry with them for a lifetime.

We customize and personalize every trip with the love and care necessary to create something truly memorable, and with no hidden costs and affordable prices, we make sure every student can take part in our trips.

Contact us at 0721377948 or send us your information and request for a student tour quote today.

From local trips to those in the East Africa region, as well as overseas, the feedback we have received from all stakeholders i.e. teachers, students and parents has encouraged us that we have the necessary expertise to stake a claim as Kenya’s most professional travel company in offering educational tours.

Our commitment to excellence, innovation and working hand in hand with teachers and parents ensures that each trip adds value to the student. We also understand that educational trips can be sensitive in nature and thus prepare adequately to ensure utmost safety and protection of everyone involved. We partner with only reputable firms for our overseas travel, choose the best airlines and provide all requisite support needed for travel documentation.

Some of the institutions we have partnered with include:

  • Aga Khan Academy
  • Braeside School
  • Hillcrest International Schools
  • Makini School
  • Mt. Kenya Academy
  • Peponi School
  • Riara School
  • Rosslyn Academy
  • Rusinga School
  • St. Christoher’s Academy
  • St. Mary’s School
  • St. Andrew’s School Turi
  • Mt. Longonot Academy
  • Nairobi Academy

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