What We Do

With a good travel agent, you are not on your own.

We will provide you with the most competitive fares, and advice on your travel We ticket for domestic and international travels on behalf of international carriers such as Kenya Airways, KLM, South African Airways, British Airways, Qatar Airways, Emirates Airlines, etc. We give instant confirmation fares, assist you with pre-check-in and manage your reservations to your convenience.

We provide the following services:

  • Airline booking and Travel ticketing
  • Airport transfers
  • Visa Assistance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Meet and assist

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We at Lindberg holidays take pride in providing you with unparalleled, personalized airline booking and pleasant travel experience. We handle individual and corporate travel management. Under the visionary leadership of Richard, Our Travel Manager, Lindberg Holidays has through experience developed the right tools to build and manage an optimal travel policy to get the most out of your travel program. As such, for every airline booking we follow the below very specific and concise route to ensuring your travel is hassle free.

III) Further discussion points Your confirmation-your preferred seating arrangement, visa, health and passport enquiry/confirmation, purchase or confirmation on travel insurance, hotel and car enquiry

For corporate travel management, we strictly adhere to your travel policy. As an organization, we understand the need for internal control measures and so if your travel ticketing confirmation strictly calls for an LPO (Local Purchase Order), we’ll implement it. We’ll prompt you for your visa, health certificates and passport validity, if you have already purchased a travel insurance policy, and hotel reservations. Should you need a change, we are always available.

IV) Issuance of your ticket (confirming E ticket, seat allocation, special needs request, flight changes advise, destination preflight information, ticket reconfirmation, ticket delivery)

As a standard procedure, our travel consultants are trained to automatically reserve you the best seats, before they get filled once your reservation has been ticketed. We’ll reserve you your special needs like meals, wheelchair, extra luggage etc whilst making sure your young ones are well catered for. We’ll update your personalized travel details like frequent flier numbers and credentials to make sure you continually benefit as a frequent traveler. Our state of the art global distribution systems are enabled to automatically prompt you on any flight changes and destination weather and socio-politico situation. We also have dedicated staff to deliver hard copies of your e ticket should you require it.

V) Preflight checklist

  • Check and familiarize with the airport and departure terminal gates at least 6 hours to your travel.
  • Check the security regulations in relation to what you can and cannot take through the security screening point and onto an aircraft, including prohibited items, dangerous goods, and liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs).
  • Check your baggage allowances with us. If you need to contact your airline, let us know well in advance to patch you through to our representative for a personalized service.
  • Ensure that your driver’s licence can be used in your country of destination or that you have organised an international driver’s licence.
  • You have purchased a travel insurance policy, if not, in the present world, please do get in touch with us immediately to get your protection. It takes only 10mins max.

VI) Get ready for boarding

  • Security Screening* – whether your destination is within Kenya or overseas, allow time to proceed through security screening.
  • Customs and Border Protection Service – allow sufficient time to proceed through Customs and Border Protection.
  • Passports must be valid for a minimum of six months ahead of your departing date for most countries. We strongly recommend you verify exact requirements with your us.
  • Boarding passes are issued at the airline check-in counter upon presentation of your ticket reservation (printed e-ticket) or booking confirmation number along with your valid passport.
  • Immigration cards are available before you enter Customs and Border Protection. The cards must be filled out and presented to the Customs and Border Protection Officer along with your passport and boarding pass.
  • Find your departing gate using display screens. These screens are available in the airline check-in area and at each departure gate.

(VII) Post flight checklist

  • Make sure at all times you have your passport, health certificates, travel insurance and emergency contact within your reach as you disembark and proceed to your destination
  • Keep your boarding pass and file it for as long as possible. It’s the only proof you were on a certain flight is you say lose your luggage or need to claim miles etc.
  • Reconfirm your luggage is in order, inside and outside before leaving the airport.
  • In case you lose your luggage report immediately to us and a service desk near you. Also call the emergency number on your travel policy for compensation where applicable.


Jediel is our transport manager in charge of a dedicated team and transport department whose sole specialty is to provide you with a seamless, enjoyable, secure and timely connection between your home and your flight. Every airport transfer is executed professionally and well scheduled well in advance. We’ll provide you with a transfer voucher with a confirmation number and emergency contact that is available 24hrs. Our airport transfer rates are very reasonable. We make sure that

  • Safety and security is assured through global tracking systems and real time safety advice to our drivers.
  • Our vehicles are clean, neat, well maintained and comprehensively insured.
  • Every transfer is executed professionally.
  • Timely pick up and drop offs.
  • Every pick up is professionally done and you’ll be reminded 12hrs to departure.

Lindberg Drivers

  • Trained in advance defensive driving
  • Have a thorough understanding of Nairobi routes
  • All uniformed for easy identification
  • Have efficient traffic management skills
  • Have hands free mobile communication equipment

Our Cars

Our cars are well branded and maintained for ease identification. This is critical to ensure your safety every time you leave the comfort of your home.


Our highly trained travel consultants will at all times ensure that every flight enquiry reply is accompanied by a visa advice. Should you require visa assistance, we have a fully fledged and equipped visa department with a visa officer well versed day to day operations of various consulates, embassies and high commission in east Africa. We have the ability to assist you in processing

  • Travel Visas
  • Work permits
  • Alien cards
  • Special passes
  • Renewal of Kenyan passports


We at Lindberg Holidays always take care of our clients. At least for the factors we can control. Some factors we cannot control, like weather changes that may lead to cancellation of your flight, or like losing your luggage during your flight. Our experience though has assisted us to offering you a form of protection. So that you can travel stress free. Travel insurance is a must have in the modern maze of moving about. When traveling on holiday it is absolutely vital that you are fully covered with a travel insurance policy to protect you should things go wrong. We have negotiated and partnered with a global leader in insurance service AIG to offer you premier service at very low rates. How is this possible? Economies of scale work in our favor with a partner like AIG. A large pool of insurance takers under AIG means the costs are widely distributed leading to unimaginably low insurance premium. Try us today!  Here are ten reasons why you should ensure you have cover.

1. Cancellation – with the best will in the world, circumstances can upset your holiday plans before you

even leave for your trip.  Falling ill, being prevented from leaving due to unforeseen work circumstances,

being posted abroad or even a death in the family can stop your break in its tracks. By ensuring you have

a travel insurance policy from the time you book your holiday you will be covered for cancellation for a

range of reasons. You may have lost your trip, but you won’t lose your money through no fault of your


2. Medical – there you are, enjoying your time away, when you have an accident or fall ill and need

medical attention. Whilst your current insurance card is useful in your country, you are still going to

require additional assistance and you will certainly have problems securing medical treatment at doctors

and hospitals across the world.

With a reputable insurance policy, bills for medicines, hospital stays and even being returned home will

be covered by your insurer. An air ambulance can cost over USD20, 000 to bring you home so it is easy

to see how important this cover can be.

3. Personal accident – if you should suffer an accident that leads to a permanent loss of your limbs, your

sight, or even worse your death, then this part of a travel insurance policy will cover this situation and

pay out compensation to you or your family.

4. Curtailment – if you have to cut your journey short due to unforeseen events then a travel insurance

policy will often pay out for the missed portion of your trip. You may be missing your holiday, but don’t

lose the money you have paid out as well.

5. Lost documents – it is bad enough losing your passport or tickets, but to then be hit with bills to

obtain a replacement document while you’re abroad really does add insult to injury.

6. Possessions and baggage – if your bag gets stolen or is lost and you lose your clothes and other

possessions, then this cover will make life easier. Travel insurance policies can include cover to enable

you to replace items either while you are away or when you return home.

7. Money – losing cash if you are robbed or have your room broken into will be covered by many


8. Personal liability – should you cause an accident that affects either a person or property you may well

be liable. A personal liability clause will protect you in a legal claim.

9. Legal Expenses – this covers professional help in the event of the need to make a claim for

compensation due to injury, accident or death.

10. Peace of mind – the real reason for ensuring you buy a policy that covers your travel needs.  You can

then relax and enjoy your break.

Types of cover under travel insurance

Student Cover: Students traveling abroad for studies or students traveling on organized trips.

Individual Cover: Individuals traveling on business or pleasure trips for short-term and long-term


Group Cover: A group of 10 or more people traveling on an identical itinerary.

Corporate Cover: A company would effect travel cover for their staff.


If you want to read more about travel insurance including our comprehensive guide to policy types then read more here.


Our dedicated team at JKIA we’ll ease your passage through the maze that is a very busy airport JKIA is. When needed we can arrange a personalized meet and assist right from the end of the airplane rump/stair to your car, guiding you through immigration and customs. For frequent travelers, we’ll await you with a pager with our company logo as you exit through the arrival gates and escort you to your car.